Job Search Out of State

A reader writes…

I plan to relocate and am searching for positions online, but because I’m out of state, it seems I can’t get an interview. Any advice or recommendations?

Dear “Long-Distance Looker,”

Whether you’re in a company’s “backyard” or 1,000 miles away, getting an interview isn’t easy these days.  Of course, I don’t know anything about your qualifications, but let’s face it – getting an interview is never a cake walk, local or not.

Nevertheless, things can get a little stickier when you’re not in the general vicinity of an employer.  Entry-level positions tend to get filled locally for the simple reason that there’s no shortage of good candidates. High-level positions, on the other hand, are more prone to consider non-locals.

In any case, I’ve seen a lot of scenarios working in the employment industry and can share some words of wisdom that I have gathered over the years:

  • Don’t just say, “I am willing to relocate.” Make it clear in your cover letter that you are planning to move to the area very soon.  You can even explain when and why (if you desire).  Also, clearly state that you do not need relocation assistance.
  • Make sure the contact information on your résumé lists your name – with something like, “Relocating in January to Houston” directly below – followed by your phone number and email address.
  • Some people have found that listing a friend’s local address at the top of the résumé can help, (when applying for jobs out-of-state). It may draw more attention from employers.  If you choose to do this, however, you better:
    • Be ready to fly out on short notice for interviews.
    • Make sure any and all social networking profiles (such as LinkedIn) are equally updated with the local address.  Since employers commonly check these sites before making a hiring decision, you better appear to be consistent!
    • Be ready to stay in the area temporarily in case there are follow-up interviews scheduled (basically “act” like you live there).  Now I’ve always been an honest engine and am not sure I’d be able to pull this off – but hey, it works for some!
  • Keep in mind, when recruiters run résumé searches in their online database, they typically search parameters “within 50 miles of zip code 12345.”  That being said, your out-of-state address won’t show up in the results.  Hey, that alone is a good reason to use your friend’s local address!!
  • Consider moving to the new area before applying for a job.  You can earn income and build your résumé through temp jobs…. and have I got the source for you!  Visit for a complete list of divisions and locations.  You can apply online and even see a partial list of job openings on their locations map.

In general, remember that finding a job market is always tough.  I hope these suggestions help.  If anybody has additional ideas or comments…  post away!

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  1. homepage
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 00:32:07

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  2. Lois
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 21:02:32

    What about leaving the zip code off one’s address … Would this work so that a resume doesn’t get kicked out automatically b/c it doesn’t meet the “50 mile” (or whatever the search parameter might be)? Or would the city & state also be filtered? Does stating, “Relocating to (new city & state) in early July” help to filter “in” the resume? Thanks!



    • anitaclew
      Jun 21, 2013 @ 08:52:57

      You are headed in the right direction by trying to beat the resume filters. You are a sneaky one! But listen closely and I’ll let you in on a little secret: do not include your physical address on your resume. At all. Professional recruiters don’t want me to tell you this because, very often, it is their first point of elimination. So if you don’t include that information, you’ll increase your chances of receiving a phone call, giving you an opportunity to explain your situation. Get my drift? Good luck on your job search.



  3. Nida
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 01:44:56

    where can I get effective resume and cover letter to find a job ? and what kind of jobs are available which accept GED diploma?



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